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Michelle Seay

Written by Robin Riebman on Wednesday, 05 June 2013. Posted in Magazine, Servers, Eat This Summer 2013

McCrady’s Restaurant
2 Unity Alley | Charleston 
843.577.0025 | mccradysrestaurant.com

Vibrant blue oil paintings of the ocean jump from orange walls. Shark jaws hang from the ceiling in front of lemon colored cabinets. Michelle Seay’s original art covers surfaces throughout the house, interspersed with postcards, photos of her sons, and Buddhist imagery.


Written by Patrick Graham on Monday, 11 February 2013. Posted in Magazine, Servers, Eat This Spring 2013

Carmela met her husband David Martin in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, moving to Mt. Pleasant six years ago. After a break from the restaurant business for a few years, she got back into it like riding a bike. Upon her diagnosis with celiac disease, she decided to go in a different direction: gluten-free baking.

A Slice Above the Rest

on Thursday, 15 November 2012. Posted in Magazine, Servers, Eat This Winter 2012

The Belmont is a bar that focuses on the art of the cocktail. It embraces the retro experience - prohibition concoctions, dim lighting, leather banquette seating, classic black and white films projected on the back wall … It’s not a place you go to for a nosh, but you should. The Belmont also celebrates the art of charcuterie with a small menu of interesting meats and cheeses. The presence of such a menu forces a “bar sans kitchen” to create a new type of service that breaks the “fourth wall” of bartending altogether.

One is not like the Others

Written by Antonia M. Krenza & Laney Roberts on Wednesday, 29 August 2012. Posted in Servers, Eat This Fall! 2012

Diversity is what makes the F&B industry so amazing, from fast food to fine dining, raw sashimi to a fish fry; the possibilities are endless. These culinary complexities and dining styles have forced the server to evolve and diversify as well. No longer is a server simply an order taker; he or she is also a table side entertainer and an educator. As the patrons' food and wine knowledge have matured, so has their demand for more inspired and specialized service. Therefore, we, as a public have brought a whole new cadre of "servers" into the limelight.

Great Expectations

on Wednesday, 23 May 2012. Posted in Magazine, Servers, Eat This! Summer 2012

By Antonia Krenza & Laney Roberts

SUBJECT: Andy McCarthy

Owner / Mobile Cuisine Restauranteur / Ball Juggler

ORIGINS:  Atlanta, GA

EDUCATION:  University of Georgia

Biology Major

F&B EVOLUTION: For a short time while in high school, Andy was a server at a Tex Mex restaurant. While in college and during subsequent travels (California and the South Pacific) he spent time cooking and bartending.


The Social Science of Service

on Monday, 27 February 2012. Posted in Magazine, Servers, Eat This! February 2012

by Antonia M. Krenza and Laney Roberts

TimLike all things, titles evolve. The gender specific "waiter" and "waitress" were uncontested until they melded under the dual forces of the Women's Lib and Political Correctness into the currently acceptable "server". PC as it is, "server" seems so servile and the reality is that waiting tables has evolved into an art form of its own. Perhaps the title is ready to evolve yet again … Eat This! has the utmost respect for all the men and women who deftly guide us through our varied dining experiences and this is our way of recognizing those particular servers who stand out. They are passionate individuals who take pride, not only anticipating their guests' needs, but also in providing them with a gastronomic experience they will long remember. They are career professionals. They are "social scientists" without a degree.

Featured Server Stephen Sager

on Wednesday, 05 October 2011. Posted in Personalities, Eat This! Fall 2011, Servers

Stephen grew up in Weymouth, Mass., and earned a business marketing degree at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. He moved to Charleston in 2002 and helped open the original Tristan. After it closed, he bartended at Carolina’s before moving on to Peninsula Grill. His hobbies include planning his wedding, watching football, playing golf and enjoying the great food and wine Charleston has to offer.

Featured Server Amanda Harwick

on Friday, 01 July 2011. Posted in Personalities, Eat This! Summer 2011, Servers

Amanda Harwick is a Senior at the College of Charleston, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. She is a Lowcountry native. When she is not studying, she is a Food and Beverage workaholic. When she is not working, you can find her at the beach, daydreaming about her future business ventures.