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Lesley Carroll

Written by Chris West on Wednesday, 05 June 2013. Posted in Magazine, Bartenders, Eat This Summer 2013

Bartender  |  Owner
The Tin Roof  |  Lucky Puppy Food Truck
1117 Magnolia Road  |  Charleston

It goes without saying that the food truck movement has firmly planted itself in the Charleston culinary landscape. They’ve achieved solidarity with the formation of their own coalition; the cuisines represented are varied offering a mass appeal and they have become a ubiquitous sight among Charleston festivals.

Bartenders Become Buzzness Partners

Written by Chris West on Monday, 11 February 2013. Posted in Magazine, Bartenders, Eat This Spring 2013

From overseas trips to Thailand and Panama to building a 300-gallon backyard irrigation system to practicing their fly-fishing casts, the adventures of Rue de Jean’s Michael Moore and Red Drum’s Eli Wolfe are storied and plenty. Currently, it is their newest business endeavor that is providing them a buzz away from their respective bar scenes. And while most moneymaking ventures involve things like start-up capital, cost analysis and minimized risk/maximized profit … this business plan started with a bet.

Maggi Schultheis Consummate Performer

Written by Chris West on Thursday, 15 November 2012. Posted in Magazine, Bartenders, Eat This Winter 2012

“I like anything that is bassey … and I like to show my girlie side and throw pretty vocals in too”
Maggi Schultheis aka ‘DJ Magnetick’

Virgil Kaine Bourbon, the All-Inclusive Version

Written by Chris West on Wednesday, 29 August 2012. Posted in Bartenders, Eat This Fall! 2012

If simple desire is the mother of invention, then all Jake Johnson and David Szlam wanted was a good, stiff drink. Harkening back to the nights they would wind down after a long shift on the line, the former chefs set out to revisit their college love of a simple bourbon and ginger ale. And out of that simple desire, Virgil Kaine was born.

Boris Van Dyck Providence Makes Perfect

on Wednesday, 23 May 2012. Posted in Magazine, Bartenders, Eat This! Summer 2012

By Chris West:

Sometimes fortune smiles on the unsuspecting.  Such was the case when Boris Van Dyck found the market bottom had fallen out for the then commercial real estate agent. But in a twist of timing and fortuitousness, he found that his turn-around was as close as his very own garage. 

Kelsey Schulz A Duality of Passions

on Monday, 27 February 2012. Posted in Magazine, Bartenders, Eat This! February 2012

by Chris West

Kelsey-IMG 9824_2For most artists I know, the phrase "supplementing income" is not lost on them. It seems a second job is a near necessity for many who decide to eschew a "traditional" job and instead practice a passion. Conversely, it is often the case for the person serving you a cocktail on any given night that that isn't the only thing they do. For many of us, work is a duality that involves sacrificing long hours and late nights to be able to wake the next day and do what we love.

Jason Groce: “Stand Up to Standing in Puddles”

on Wednesday, 05 October 2011. Posted in Personalities, Bartenders, Eat This! Fall 2011

Based on the number of jokes that start out with a line about someone or something walking into a bar, you could deduce with reasonable certainty that drinking establishments are rife with comedy. After years of bartending, I can personally attest that there is some merit to that theory. As alcohol is consumed and inhibitions vanish into the night, behavior changes and people tend to get clumsy. This can create funny situations, but do bars and comedy really go together all that well?

Jonathan Calo - Cocktails from Creation to Consumption

on Friday, 01 July 2011. Posted in Personalities, Bartenders, Eat This! Summer 2011

It’s almost funny how one of Charleston’s best-kept secrets is hidden in plain sight. But then again, that was always the motif of the speakeasy. Illegitimate parlors behind/above/outback of legitimate businesses that provided what the American people wanted and what the American government told them they couldn’t have. And Charleston has had a long, torrid and creative relationship with circumventing alcohol law. From the Blind Tigers ofthe State Dispensaryera to the hundreds of operating speakeasies during prohibition--come hell or high water, Charleston was never going to be separated from strong drink. However, in 1933 when prohibition was repealed, the clandestine drinking spots were allowed to come out of their shadows and the speakeasy was relegated to the historical lore of America’s love affair with alcohol.