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Hot fun in the Summertime


1. When the thermometer reads 100°F and the humidity is at 60%, how hot do you really feel according to the National Weather Service’s heat index?
a. 116°F
b. 126°F
c. 136°F
d. 146°F

2. What nickname was given to musician Donna Summer?

a. Queen of Jazz
b.Queen of Disco
c.Queen of Soul
d. Queen of Funk

3. What is the official definition of a heat wave?

a. Two or three days of 90°F + weather
b.Three or more days of 90°F+ weather
c.Any period of unusually hot weather
d. A period of 48 consecutive hours when the air temperature is 15% or more above normal.
There is no official definition.

4. What was the highest temperature ever recorded in the U.S.

a. 114°F
b. 126°F
c. 131°F
d. 134°F

5. In 1776, what momentous event forever impacted how summer would taste in America?

a. Hot dog was invented and served at the Boston Tea Party
b. George Washington modeled the first American swimwear line while crossing the Delaware
c. The first ice cream parlor opened in New York City
d. The Beach Boys recorded their first hit

6. Birthplace of the American Hotdog?

a. Coburg, Germany
b. Coney Island, USA
c. Frankfort, Germany
d. Vienna, Austria
e. A,B and D
f. A,C and D 

7. What is considered an appropriate pre-heat setting for a gas or charcoal grill for the quintessential summer hotdog?

a. 200°F
b. 275°F
c. 325°F
d. 400°F

8. The hottest, most humid six weeks of the year, starting in July, are called the “dog days of summer” when everyone slows down and succumbs to the heat. Where does this phrase come from?

a. Because we walk around panting like overheated dogs
b. Because the heat makes us cranky and we bark at each other
c. Hot dog sales reach all time highs
d. In the early 1990s, New York City police noted an annual increase in crime during the month of July and the first two weeks of August.
Hot six weeks are named after Sirius, the dog star. 

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